History of Disc Golf in the South

New Products

Disc Golf 101, the long awaited instructional DVD is now available for sale. $20.00. Great for learning and teaching.

Wholesale prices available.

Pro R Boss. New plastic to make them from 150-164. Very long.

The Groove : like the Boss but lighter weights.

The Boss. Widest rim and fastest disc ever produced by Innova.

Monarch, new long distance driver with a controllable turnover. Think, longer Roadrunner. Candy plastic.

New discs come out periodically and we usually have the first runs or the prototypes.

 Disc Golf 101, DVD now available. Over 20 years of coaching college students, will help you learn and be able to teach others.$20.00 plus 5.00 s/h

Super Puppies are back. Called the best Putter ever made.

W have a few blanks!



Tom's Tip's

Scroll down to pick a month.

July - Feel the heat. Drink lot's of water while you play and keep an edge up on the competition.

June - Interaction with other players is key to your game.

Make the best of it, get to know your competition.

May - Time to increase that distance. Try the new fast discs that go really far at  low altitude. 

April - It's tournament time, get out an play in all the local action with as many new players as possible.

Jan - there should be an Ice Bowl near you. this is a good warm up fun event to get back in the groove. Practice those throws and putts with your winter gear on.

Dec - Stay loose and play casual rounds as to not injury any body parts.

Nov - Time to get in those last tournaments and gear up for winter. Look to a softer putter to break in now for those cold brittle chains in the next few months.

OCT - Night golf is big now. All you need is a driver and putter that you can control.

Sept - Last blast of the summer. Go to any tourney you can get in. Soon you will have all winter to work on that putter.


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